RLA & Life Extension

Residual Life Assessment (RLA) is a study to ensure safety and integrity of piping for the thermal/captive power plants to maintain its operating capacity for a longer period. PDE is deeply involved in RLA study of Boiler piping system in Thermal Power Station to improve plant availability factor and ensure better operations.

Hot & Cold Walk :

  • Pre shut down activities like visual inspection, data gathering for the piping system, as is built drawings, laser 3D modelling of the piping system, etc.
  • Visual inspection of piping systems, hot & cold readings of hangers, Hanger inspection etc.
  • Visual inspection of identification of pitting, corrosion and cracks after removal of insulations if any.
  • Identification of critical and parts where the material testing to be conducted.
  • Recommendation of various NDT testing like DPT, MPT, UT, TOFL PAUT, Metallography test, thickness and hardness tests.
  • Complete residual life assessment analysis and condition assessment of piping systems, by scientific methods like performing stress analysis of critical line and selection components parts for FEA analysis.
  • Submission of reports on Residual life assessment of critical piping carried out with
  • Recommendations including for replacement of existing piping components, if any or expected life extension of the piping systems
  • Proposal for replacement based on residual life assessment study carried out and Bill of quantity for pipes, Bends & Fittings, Hangers & supports, snubbers etc.,


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